Welding in Reigate, Crawley, Surrey & Sussex

Village Engineering provides a complete welding service for domestic and commercial clients in Crawley, Reigate and the wider Surrey and Sussex areas. Our Charlwood-based workshop is fully-equipped with the latest machinery and tools, some of which we have constructed ourselves. This custom-made equipment includes two hydraulic scissor lift welding tables constructed from cast iron with fencing around the edges. Not only do these tables allow us to square up sheet metal and other materials quickly and clamp parts down, their bespoke structures have been designed to allow for work at a comfortable height, ensuring the constant upholding of our own quality standards.


We currently operate in two welding shops with differing equipment. Below, for the benefit of our clients in Reigate, Crawley and the surrounding Surrey and Sussex areas, we have outlined the capabilities of both.


Welding Shop 1


  • 8` x 4` Scissor Lift Table
  • MIG & TIG Welders
Man Welding

Welding Shop 2


  • 6` x 3` Scissor Lift Table
  • 500kg Overhead Crane
  • MIG Welder
  • Oxyacetylene Gas Cutting
  • Plasma Cutter

We undertake welding of any kind in our workshops. From a private homeowner in Crawley requiring repairs to a gate to a Reigate-based construction company in need of large-scale sheet metal work of a highly-precise nature, Village Engineering covers every aspect of welding in Surrey and Sussex.


If you have a welding project that you’d like to discuss, please contact us.



What is MIG & TIG Welding?


In order to make things clear, let’s clarify what MIG and TIG welding are. The term MIG stands for ‘metal inert gas’, while TIG means ‘tungsten inert gas’. The former utilises a constantly feeding spool of wire. As this wire melts, it fuses both parent and base metals together. We use MIG welding on a range of materials for our clients in Crawley, Reigate, Surrey and Sussex including aluminium, stainless steel and mild steel.


The thickness of these materials also varies, from thin gauge sheet metal through to heavier, thicker structural plates.


TIG welding makes use of long welding rods that we slowly feed into the weld puddle. We utilise this technique for thinner gauge materials and sheet metal that make up items such as tool boxes and kitchen sinks.


With a slower process, TIG welding has notable versatility, allowing us to weld with great precision on an array of metals for our clients in Crawley, Reigate, Surrey and Sussex. Conversely, MIG welding offers a faster procedure thanks to the constant feeding of the electrode.


Despite these differences, both processes make their respective welds through an electric arc.


With both of these welding techniques at our disposal, Village Engineering tailors our approach to suit the requirements of any project.


To talk over our welding services in Crawley, Reigate, Surrey and Sussex call 01293 863 048